Mission & Vision Statement

CDR Slade Cutter, USN

The installation of X-1 in its new location is completed as dawn breaks over Submarine Base New London.

Mission: To collect, preserve and interpret the history of the United States Naval Submarine Force in order to honor veterans and to educate naval personnel and the public in the heritage and traditions of the US Submarine Force and its relationship to America’s freedom by:

  • Acting as a national repository with responsibility to archive and display US Submarine history that is accurate, complete and unbiased.
  • Preserving the physical legacy and experiences of submariners for presentation to the widest possible audience.
  • Developing and publicizing programs that broaden and deepen public knowledge and appreciation of the significance of the Submarine Force.
  • Striving to anticipate the Submarine Force’s future historical needs in formulating strategies and policies for acquisition of historical material.
  • Hosting Naval traditions and activities that promote Naval Heritage to the greater community.

Vision: The museum strives to become the Nation's top destination showcasing outstanding collections and innovative, tangible exhibits that celebrate the Honor, Courage and Commitment of submariners defending their country and citizens.

CDR Slade Cutter, USN

X-1 on display outside the Submarine Force Museum in Groton, CT.

Goals of the SFLMA

  • Assist the Library and Museum in achieving its objectives.
  • Foster and perpetuate the Library and Museum as a medium which promotes historical knowledge of submarines.
  • Stimulate among present and past submariners and the general public, an awareness, recognition and pride in the role of the submarine in naval operations, past and present.
  • To support the promotion of historical knowledge of submarines through the collection preservation and dissemination of such knowledge.
  • To assist in the maintenance, development and expansion of the Library and Museum.
  • To receive, hold and administer gifts of any type or nature for the furtherance of the foregoing purposes.

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